Thursday, February 1, 2007

January 30, 2007 .. that evening

Later that evening. . .

I can't believe it. Scott from the Abuse department actually called me! In my voicemail to their answering service I told them not to bother unless they can provide a positive resolution to this. He said "well... you did leave a message and we're required to call back". I asked if anything has changed since our conversation. "Nope...". I asked what bug crawled up Geovanny's @#$@#. He asked "Why did he call you?". I said "Because he wanted to let me know we were terminated... 10 hours after you and I spoke ".

He apologized for Geovanny's abrasiveness. I said "No your not, you don't give a flying crap". At this point I was yelling at him. I had it with these people. The gloves were off. After yelling at him for 3 minutes telling him if they worked closer with customer service this would never have happened and they had no @#$% clue there was a problem. I then hung up. Man that felt good :-)

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