Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dec 13, 2006

Still not convinced I jumped to Comcast's live
chat and took screen shots of the whole
conversation. Again I was told there were
no limits to my residential account. I asked
maybe it was something like a phishing attempt
at which the service rep agreed.

I called Comcast Customer Service a final time
(yes I'm paranoid but I needed to be sure
everything was ok). They said they would look
into it and see if there was any department
with the reference ticket my wife received
in the call. He called me back a few hours
later from 801-485-0500 and told me we were
ok. I mentioned "I understand I sound paranoid
but I depend on high speed internet access".
Again I was reassured by the rep who said if
we receive a call from Comcast it will be
trunked through the 801 number. Otherwise
it's not legitimate.

Finally I asked what an upgrade would cost us
should we decide to do so. The rep said it was
an additional $10 a month. Funny. The guy
who called my wife said $20. Something is
not right here. Maybe I am being paranoid.
I stop calling and don't give this any further
thought until we're disconnected on
January 19, 2007

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