Thursday, February 1, 2007

January 19, 2007 That evening

Later that same day at 7:52 p.m., I received
another call from the Comcast
"Policy and Abuse Department". I spoke with
Geovanny for several minutes going through
my situation. At first he interrupted me
every other sentence then he became abusive
and rude as I tried to remain calm (no small feat).
After a couple minutes of unsuccessfully trying to
bring the conversation back to a civil tone I
became annoyed and told him to chill.

Here are some highlights from our conversation
as I was taking notes:

Me: Can I please speak with a manager. I
would like to escalate this and find a resolution.
Geovanny: There is nobody available. I'm the
only one in the department and my word is final.
Me: I thought Scott was also part of the
"Policy and Abuse Department". So you have more
than just one employee. I'd like to speak with
whoever writes your checks.
Geovanny: It's just me here.
Me: Even the CEO of the company has to account
to somebody such as the board of directors.
Geovanny: "As far as you're concerned, I am the CEO"
Me: I understood Brian Roberts was the CEO of
Comcast? If a complaint was directed to him and the
board they would need to take action in resolving
this problem. We did not receive sufficient
notification and your customer service was clueless
to the problem with our account last month.
Geovanny: He would just bounce the complaint to me.
Me: I'm looking at the caller ID number. It says
you are calling from 856-638-4000.
Customer Service last month said I shouldn't see an
856 number if it was a legitimate call from Comcast
to my state.
Geovanny: "We're an up and coming department
and don't go through the normal Comcast lines".
Me: So how do I know it's not some guy trying to
gather information on me. Ever heard of
Identity Theft??"
Geovanny: "I don't know. You should have taken
the call seriously however"
Me: "You have to be kidding me". People can spoof
a caller ID phone number easily (I checked Google
in December). So how can I take it seriously? I would
have expected a letter or something.
Geovanny: We prefer to make a phone call to
personalize the communication.
Me: That being said, how come Customer Service
didn't know of the problem with my account?
Geovanny: Customer Service doesn't have access to our database.
Me: Why the @#$@ not?
Geovanny: It's to protect our customer information
Me: Somehow I don't feel very protected. Your
customer service has access to my name,
phone number, address and other personal
information when we signed up. Your organization
has failed miserably. Don't you understand. I have
no other options for internet without Comcast. Not
even DSL is in the area? Had I known there was a
problem I would certainly have taken action.
Geovanny: There is nothing to be done now.
Me: In my research I've learned that
Cox Communications had the same problems
as you guys and in 2003 they caved in to customers
demanding they post the bandwidth/data caps...
and it will happen with you guys sooner or later.


At this point Geovanny was very combative, made
some obscure remark and hung up on me.
Good riddance. In my opinion he wasn't very stable
and needs to take a sensitivity class or something.
I didn't appreciate his rudeness one bit.

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