Thursday, February 1, 2007

January 24, 2007

I'm hearing we may have a problem getting the
business account now. Lots of comments about
my bandwidth usage. Against whatever the cap they
won't disclose is. Nobody has a @#$@ clue or
can't divulge it! Amazing! Ryan H. is awesome
and goes to bat for me. His boss Larry S.
I understand spends hours calling to find
out what's going on. I'm told it will be
resolved quickly.

Later that day and after several calls to
and from Comcast business. I quickly learn
the "Policy and Abuse Department" has emailed
these guys telling them NOT to give me a
business account. WTH! Something really stinks

Frustrated I email Bill Gephart at
and start researching avenues of filing complaints.
This company is frustrating to work with. How
did I stay with them as a customer the last
four years?

Received a call from Matt working with Bill Gephart.
He wants to interview me if the business account
doesn't work out. I mentioned I'll let him know
once I hear the final word.

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