Thursday, March 8, 2007

March 8, 2007

It looks like Comcast came over this past weekend and disconnected the Cable TV. A flyer was left on my door to notify us. Oh and it was dated 3/1/2007. I guess they got the hint that I was serious. Still no word if they will charge us till March 13th and give us a credit. The way these guys have treated us I wouldn't be surprised to see a bill. I'll post a scan of the flyer soon and any future bills I receive (I said I keep everything didn't I ::grinz::).

Here's something else of amusement. This last week I've received 3 phone calls from Comcast Customer Service asking if I'd like to take a survey of my satisfaction with Comcast after our last phone call. I said sure. They asked how I would rate them, blah blah blah.

Got to a question about how do I like my Comcast service. I said "Great, we disconnected you guys a week ago and it's awesome to be a Comcast free house!". She asked what we are doing for service now. I said "We went to one of your competitors and are much happier thanks". She said "oh, well have a good day" then hung up after that :-)

The last call was around 6:30 last night and lasted a few minutes. At least they are calling me less these days. We've received several calls already but at least they are slowing down now.

I've asked Comcast several times over the last two months to be put on a DNC list but I guess they don't honor it. I think I'll start recording my conversations with them and post them here for fun. We've been thinking about creating several YouTube videos. We'll see. I've learned Utah has no notification requirement. So I'm kinda hoping they call again. I could really have fun with this.

When I picked up the Comcast flyer on my door I noticed something else. A flyer from Qwest advertising DSL is now available in our area and a number to call. I'm encouraging everyone in my neighborhood to "Hang up on Comcast" and go DSL. Already many have asked about my experience with Comcast and have stated they are switching. Customer Service means more to people than the fake "unlimited use for a flat monthly fee" advertisement.


Romanj said...

According to work history image you put up your stop bill date is 2/28, which is the date your wife called to disco service. Once your disco is completed that should be the date your bill will be back dated to. Workorders sometimes take a couple of days before entered in billing system, if you call Comcast the service rep. might not show you have been discoed yet. You should get a final bill that will include service up to 2/28/07. Fyi- The image you posted is a work order history screen and not the screen where notes would be put everytime you call in.

u235sentinel said...

Fyi- The image you posted is a work order history screen and not the screen where notes would be put everytime you call in.

Thanks for clearing this up. BTW, the calls in November seem to be missing then. They replaced the cable modem a couple weeks before Thanksgiving (I have the work order form with my wife's signature).

I'm thinking of scanning the document they left on my door. Looks like they made a note with 3/1 as the date stating we were disconnected as of that day.

Michael said...

I think you should sue them for calling you since you're on the Do Not Call list. I've heard some guy got a great deal of money from the case! =)