Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dec 12 2006

Remember that day when Comcast came cheerily
knocking at your door advertising
"Unlimited Use for a flat monthly fee"!
I found it amazing that my definition of
"Unlimited Use" matches their customer service
definition but not the Comcast "Policy and Abuse department".

It seems after we signed up years ago that Comcast
has silently changed the terms of the agreement.
I've setup this blog to warn people and tell my story.
The nightmare started on December 12, 2006...

Dec 12 2006 ... in the afternoon

My wife calls me in the afternoon wondering
if we had a problem with our Comcast account. She
mentioned someone claiming they were a Comcast
employee called telling us we were using the
internet too much and needed to upgrade to a
business account or cut it back. I found it strange
that Comcast would call about something like this.
After all, we have unlimited use as advertised right?

I spent half an hour on the phone with Comcast
customer service trying to understand what's going
on. I was reassured it was probably someone
working some identify theft angle (it's been in a few
newsreports recently) and we could safely ignore it.
I told them we were instructed to call 856-234-3025
with a reference number they provided to my wife
(2278555). Comcast customer service checked the
phone and reference number. Again they reassured
us we were ok and nothing was flagged in our account.

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drgnfly3030 said...

I was curious about the phone number listed in the post [856-234-3025] and did a reverse look-up. This number, according to, belongs to a cpa in New Jersey. How interesting that Comcast would need for you to call an accountant regarding your internet usage.
I'm glad you have posted this as my cable system was just bought out by Comcast. Fortunately, I'm in an area with several DSL companies and don't have to rely on just one company and their politics. Please keep fighting to end Comcast's monopoly on your region.